ICAR Sp. z o.o. – 20 years of experience!

Icar sp. z o.o. is an innovative implementation company operating in the leather and tanning sector since the year 2001. We are an exclusive representative of two leading Italian manufacturers of leather chemicals: ICAP Leather Chem and ALANCHIM Srl. Moreover, we cooperate with a Spanish company Colorantes Industriales which supplies as with leather dyes. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we have access to high-edge technologies and chemicals applied in the tanning industry. Keeping abreast of all the new developments, we can immediately offer them to our customers. If you are a manufacturer of natural leather looking for proper technologies and products to be applied at your tannery, please contact us.


Sales of leather chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem

Sales of leather chemicals by Alanchim srl

Sales of footwear leather

We conduct sales of footwear leather and assist tanneries in the distribution of their products. Are you looking for high quality footwear leather or would you like to sell your leather to footwear companies?

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Ikar Radom Sprzedaż Skór

Leather tanning

Technical assistance service, implementation of chemicals and manufacturing processes in tanneries

We not only sell leather chemicals but we also assist in the implementation of those products to production. Icar Sp. z o.o.’s team is a group of highly skilled experts who will help you select proper leather chemicals as well as implement them to production and control the production process at your tannery. Are you into new tanning technologies? Do you want to implement new chemicals in leather production? We can assist you!