Chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem

ICAP Leather Chem is a dynamic and modern company established in the year 1944 in Italy. Thanks to the vast experience gathered during its over 80-years’ presence in the chemical sector, extensive expertise, technical skills and excellent management, ICAP Leather Chem plays a leading part in the present production and market launch of high-quality chemical products for leather finishing. Leather chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem are highly recognized within the leather industry.

Experience and innovation

The ICAP Leather Chem company has always invested in high-edge systems and processes applied in the manufacturing processes. At the same time it has been always concentrated on health and safety, efficiency and environmental performance. Currently, ICAP Leather Chem offers a full range of top quality products for tanneries.

ICAP Leather Chem conducts continuous production and has huge warehousing facilities, which guaranties short lead times and quick deliveries to customers.

Chemia Garbarska ICAP

Leather chemicals by ICAP Exclusive distributor of ICAP Leather Chem

Leather chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem sold by our company include:

  • Acrylic binding agents – Icacril
  • Polyurethane binding agents  – Idrotan
  • Protein binding agents and fixing agents – Icatex, Icatop
  • Finishing compacts – Acribond
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer – Icalac
  • Polyurethane lacquer – Icafix
  • Fillers and waxes – Icafiller, Newax
  • Auxiliary agents – Celanina, Icadriver, Icalon, Icapgrade
  • Pigments and dyes – Pigmentol, Novilux, Floratint
  • Retanning resins – Icatan

You can find the catalogue of our products and specification of the leather chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem at the manufacturer’s website:

Leather products by ICAP Leather Chem in continuous sales

Leather chemicals are stored in our warehouse facility and are offered on an continuous basis. At the customer’s request, we deliver the products using our own means of transport to a desired place of destination.

If you are not sure which leather chemicals by ICAP Leather Chem would fit your business best, contact our team. Our specialists will advise you on the optimum solution.

chemia garbarska ICAP Leather Chem