Footwear leather: sales and assistance in leather distribution

Icar sp. z o.o. performs distribution of natural footwear leather and, since 1990, agent-based business led under the company name of Euroskór.

Our products and services are targeted at:

  • Shoe companies
  • Tanneries

We reach out to shoe companies across Poland, both large- and small-scale ones. Our leather suppliers are the best Polish tanneries, however we also offer leather imported from Europe, Asia and Africa.

With respect to tanneries, we render assistance in the distribution of their products across Poland. We have over 20-years’ experience with the suppliers from Poland and other countries. Moreover we provide support in implementation of leather manufacturing. This is the subject of orders placed by shoe companies.

Our recommendations:

Natural leather manufactured by Polish tanneries

  • cowhides
  • split cowhides

We offer footwear leather in a large range of finishing types, starting from subtly tumbled aniline leather, through Buffalo-type and pull-up leather down to split, printed, polished or florentic leather.

Icar Sp. z o.o. offers leather of 0.8 – 1.6 mm thickness, suitable for the production of visiting shoes, as well as boots or ankle shoes. The color range of our footwear leather is in line with the recent trends presented at international fashion fairs.

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Italian and Spanish natural leather

Our product portfolio encompasses also footwear leather imported from Italy and Spain, such as goatskins and sheepskins including full-grain, velour, foiled and fancy leather in a wide range of colors. The thickness of Italian and Spanish leather varies from 0.6 to 0.8 mm whereas the size is from 3 to 5 square feet each. Furthermore, we sell pig lining hides manufactured in Poland and in other countries.

Our footwear leather is available on stock and sold on an ongoing basis. At the customer’s request, we deliver the products using our own means of transport to a desired place of destination.

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Sales of footwear leather - customer consultants

With respect to the sales of leather, our sales specialists with vast experience and expertise will be happy to assist you at the following contact details:

Krzysztof Zając, phone: +48 601-181-466, email: skory(at)

Piotr Tatar, phone: +48 603-940-097, email: skory(at)