Leather chemicals by ALANCHIM srl

Alanchim srl has been producing and supplying leather chemicals for wet processing and retannage. The main assets of the company are its quality, service, reliability and continuous development. Thanks to excellent quality of products and customer service, we are able to acquire repeat customers who stay with us from the moment of their first purchase. Leather chemicals by Alanchim srl include agents for wet processes, greasing agents and leather dyes.

Leather chemicals by Alanchim srl are a synonym of modernity. Every year, the company launches new products on the market. if you are interested in innovative products, constantly expanded product portfolio, excellent results and reliability, choose Alanchim srl.

leather chemicals by Alanchim srl
Chemia garbarska Alanchim srl

Leather chemicals by Alanchim srl are also environmentally friendly. They have been developed so as to minimize their environmental impact, at the same time maintaining their top quality and efficiency.

Leather chemicals by ALANCHIM srl in a continuous sales

Our product range includes the following products by Alanchim srl: antibacterial, de-liming, neutralizing, liming, slip, acid bating, soaking, fat-liquoring and retannage agents.

  • Preservatives – Alan
  • Soaking, liming, de-liming, acid bating, neutralizing agents: Alanbase, Alanslip, Gogras, Brik, Ecocrom
  • Retannage agents: resin, polymer, aldehyde and synthetic tannins – Intertan, Plantacrom
  • Fat-liquoring agents – Interol, Intersoft

You can find the catalogue of our products and specification of the leather chemicals by Alanchim srl at the manufacturer’s website at: http://www.alanchim.it

Our experts will help you select appropriate chemicals for production. If you need assistance in the process of implementation of new products at you tannery, contact our technical assistance service >>

Leather chemicals are stored in our warehouse facility and are offered on a continuous basis. At the customer’s request, we deliver the products using our own means of transport to a desired place of destination.

Chemia garbarska Alanchim srl