Leather tanning - Technical assistance service

Mastering leather tanning will lead you to success. In order to operate in the sector of tanning, it is necessary not only to properly select leather chemicals but also to apply them in a suitable manner. At Icar Sp. z o.o. you can purchase both leather chemicals and services of highly qualified experts from our support team. They will assist you in the selection process of leather chemicals, but also help you implement them into production and control the production process at your tannery.

Thanks to our 20-years’ experience, Icar Sp. z o.o. guarantees top quality of our services. We know the ins and outs of tanning. Still, we keep learning, with our staff attending trainings in Italy on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for them to get familiar with new technologies and products. As a result, we are able to implement the technologies needed by our clients and help them achieve delivered outcomes in any tannery.

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Leather tanning - tanning technologists

As regards our Technical assistance service, you will be provided any information on how to dress and finish leather according to the latest trends using ICAP and ALANCHIM leather products, by our tanning technologists who have a long-term experience in this industry. Here are their contact details:

mgr inż. Aleksandra Mizera-Ziętek, phone: +48 693 124 293, email: aleksandra(at)icarradom.com.pl

mgr inż. Michał Pieczeniak, phone: +48 607 220 807, email: mpieczeniak(at)icarradom.com.pl